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Feeling Down

Sometimes we feel down and that all around us is going to pot. Nothing works out well and it almost seems that everything we touch goes wrong. It is difficult to hold on to hope when in that situation, but hope is what we need to do.

It can take time to create a new situation, to clear the space needed for new things, people, circumstances to arrive in our lives. We can feel that we are at rock bottom when in fact we are in transition to the next peiod of our lives. What seems to be destruction is, in fact, a sweeping away of the old to usher in a new period.

So if you are feeling desperate or down when things are difficult, perhaps try not to hang on to the things, people or circumstances that are slipping from your grasp or causing you trouble. You may then speed up your journey into your new era and arrive there more quickly.

There will always be a ‘past’ in your life or things that you used to do, or people you used to know. Changing from those circumstances will usher in new people, new opportunities and new joys. Create the space for this to happen. Create hope.


Authelia and The Team

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