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Skills and Abilities on The Other Side (The importance of everyone)

Artists continue to hone their skills when they pass to The Other Side. You do not need to give up something you love, there will be a niche for you. The method of delivery may be a little different once you are in your light body. You may weave or draw with light energy. Doctors may work with those incarnate, but they work on the energy body. Mathematicians may help inspire incarnated mathematicians to further the skills of humanity and to bring understanding to the world around them.

Mathematics is a route to understanding the world, how it has been constructed, how it holds together. Are mathematicians more important than anyone else? No, everyone, every single one has a role to play.

Consider a shop, you need cashiers on the tills, you need someone to organise, to fix machinery, but equally, cleaners are needed to keep the store looking nice so the customers will come.

In any given situation some may take more responsibility than others, but everyone is required to make things work as well as possible.

So it is with each and every one of you. It’s possible that you don’t understand your role in this world, but never doubt that you are necessary and important to the world’s function.


Authelia and The Team


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