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Control of Emotions & No Lies on The Other Side

“Some of us are hotheads, quick to temper and unable to control ourselves”

When I had a situation that was difficult to control what is the best thing to do? If you are a calm person in touch with your inner self you will automatically take stock of the situation, naturally taking in (a) deep breath before wading (in) or not. Maybe you will judge that the moment is right to not say or do anything, trusting that a later time will be appropriate to deal with it.

However, many of us are not like that are we?! Some of us are hotheads, quick to temper and unable to control ourselves, harsh words are said before any real thought is given. This is one emotion, but another may be a sensitivity and quick(ness) to feel hurt or take offence without justification.

For the more emotional among you we would counsel taking 1 long slow breath, and at the end of that breath deciding if you need to take another long slow breath! In short it is beneficial to try and become very aware of yourself at the point at which you feel challenged. This can act as your own protection. How many of you have said words in haste, only later to regret them, or taken offence and been harsh without realising the circumstances of the other person?

If you are given to strong emotions that you are haven’t yet learn to control we advise 2 things.

The first is to practise regular meditation. This has the benefit of learning to control your breathing, which can then be used to control the physical body. The body will naturally respond to a fast breathing rate by getting excited, but equally it will stay calmer if you slow the breathing down. With less excitement of the body you have only to control (the) mind.

Regular meditation helps one to recognise that emotions pass. It also helps one to live in the moment. By this means you can remove past prejudices from the situation, which will help you to see things more clearly.

Dealing with any situation can be tricky, but calmness or even controlled anger allows the other person space to calm down too.

If you have come from a calm place it allows time for the whole situation to calm. Time for the other person to check their behaviour, and for a mutually acceptable resolution to be reached.

Bless you. Dealing with emotions and communication with others is most difficult. Things may turn on an ill-chosen word. In our world we have no need for spoken language, we can communicate our thoughts. When we are as conscious energy, rather than using a light body, we have no mouths to speak. All emotions are known so there cannot be a lie, as in your world. Life is simpler in one sense and more demanding in another. For it means that both communicants not only have to be honest with each other, they need to be honest with themselves. What stories do we tell ourselves?

Sometimes it is very difficult to be honest with ourselves. The picture we would paint would not look as pretty. However, we would all be the same, as none of those that are incarnate are completely blameless. However, it would make us more forgiving would it not? As we see the blemishes in our own character, on display for all to see, we would therefore make allowances for others.

Maybe even if we haven’t been entirely honest with ourselves, and there may be many reasons for this, we would give others the benefit of the doubt. Make allowances that perhaps the other person is just having a bad day, or that the reaction from them is what to be expected of someone who has been through a particular situation.

This would be very good practice for living the next phase of your life having passed from the earthly realm A challenge for your earthly life, but one that will bring you more peace. Less energy will be wasted in judging others and others judging you.


Authelia and The Team


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