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Inner Peace and Soul Purpose

“..all the time the answers were within.”

Spirit gets inside you, worming, calling to you so you can’t ignore it. We will be accused of being a figment of your imagination, we are not. You do not do this by choice; you need to do this as it fulfils a need in you to be close to God. We help you to feel that and to bring forward your development to the point where you can be helpful to others too. The reluctant Medium indeed! You have been so resistant, you have tested our patience with your lack of confidence in your ability; yet it was always there, you only needed to uncover it. It lay there, shining like a jewel; a tool to help others, yet you ignored it, covered in confusion by your fear of what might happen.

Now you have arrived at a point where you feel the need to step up to the plate, so to speak. You feel it’s now or never. Actually, that is not the case; there will always be further opportunities. We can feel you questioning whether this message is for the website. Indeed it is as we want to show that human frailties may be overcome to achieve one’s life purpose.

There may be many obstacles to achieving one’s life purpose, but with alignment to God they may be overcome. The interior of oneself is a magical place that holds all the answers to everything you need to carry out your soul’s purpose. You have spent a lifetime looking without when all the time the answers were within. Finally you are looking in the right place, you feel what you need to do rather than just wonder. You move to a more balanced life where your inner gifts can be used to match the demands of your outer life. The balance is sweet is it not?

How have you got there? Well, you have taken an honest look at yourself and identified the areas of weakness, the shadow areas. These you are working on and will continue to do so, to refine you. For us all, this is a never ending task. We all have a long way to go, but life becomes ever sweeter the further down the path we venture. We are your Guides, but we do not have all the answers, we do not know everything, but where we do and where we can help, we will, wholeheartedly and with love.

We too tune in to the Love of God, we use this in our lives; it is the life force that drives everything and everyone ~ not all recognise it, but it is there nevertheless.

My dear, we do not seek to embarrass you with this personal writing for publication. [They are!!]  We wish to show that peace is attainable to all. With peace and trust driven by the connection to the Divine, life is sweet in a way that often eludes those who have not gone within.

Blessings to you, my dear, and to all of humanity to whose aid we wish to come.

Authelia and The Team



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