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Loneliness and Making the Inner Connection

“The reality is you are never alone. Aloneness is not the same as loneliness.”

We can all talk a lot. Some of us are naturally more talkative than others, but what is it we say? Do we talk about trivial things?

Trivial chat is a pleasant exchange and indeed may be very important to a person who lives on their own. This may be their only chance at conversation all day. Forgive them for their prolonging the conversation, they are likely looking for a connection.

Human beings are not designed to live alone and yet many do. Some do this more successfully than others, but the majority live alone because circumstances have forced it upon them. What can we do? We can look out for our neighbour who lives alone, be tolerant if they talk too much, perhaps recognising their need.

Human connection is so important and we would encourage those of you who live alone to try and build up a network of connections so you are not too isolated. The connection could be by telephone or computer if not face to face. Humans benefit by feeling they belong.

Naturally everyone does belong. The apparent separateness of most human beings makes the alone condition very difficult to bear for some. We would encourage you to explore the connection within, to feel the central consciousness of which you are a part. You will need to work for this if you cannot currently feel it. It is difficult to feel it when you are busy and engaged. It is important to take time to be still. You could count the breaths and consciously ask to connect to the central force that runs through you. It runs through everyone, connecting all people and everything else, down to the last atom or particle.

The reality is you are never alone. Aloneness is not the same as loneliness. When you feel this connection you are never alone. Foster prayer and meditation in such a manner that you are listening rather than demanding. In time you will feel it, there will be signs; you may ask your Guides to draw close. Yes, you have Guides, who are there to help you. If you acknowledge them and ask for help, they can do more. Surround this practice with prayers and thanks to the highest good there is.

Are you in a wheelchair or unable to get around easily? Free yourself into the interior of your being where lie new worlds to explore, new states of consciousness, connections to unimagined places.

Bless you all, no one is tethered to their dwelling, you all have it in you to reach into the interior and connect with God. This brings such blessings and warmth to your life as you cannot imagine.

My dears, some of you will think this is fanciful talk, but listen, listen so carefully. Can you feel in your body, the soft siren call from the still small voice? Connect and pray and all will be yours. Listen!

Authelia and The Team


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