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Crossing Boundaries

Since my mid-teens I have been considered to have “psychic” capabilities, although since some strange experiences through to my early twenties, I haven’t used them (otherwise I might have won the lottery by now!).

These capabilities often manifested themselves through my use of a home-made version of a Ouija board – an empty glass turned upside down, in a circle of pieces of paper depicting the letters of the alphabet and the numbers 0 to 9. I and the other participants kept one finger on the glass and attempted to receive messages from spirits, these being spelt out letter by letter.

These are some of the strange things which have happened to me:

One night a group of us, including me and my sister, got what looked like a message judging by the spacing between “words”. However, it was complete gibberish to us. We showed the message to my Mum, who thought we should show it to my Dad. He took one look and went very pale – apparently the message was in Polish (which none of the participants spoke) and supposedly came from my grandmother, who had died when I was 8. My father was very upset, so we stopped our evening.

On another occasion, the glass spelt out words, in answer to my questions, with none of us touching the glass at all!

One very spooky occurrence happened one night when there were only 3 of us taking part, in a small room with the curtains shut. The glass started moving, but randomly. I asked the standard question “Is anybody there?”  The glass spelt out “Yes”. I then asked “Can you prove to us that there is someone there?” The closed curtains opened and shut again, seemingly by themselves. I’m afraid that we got out of that room as quickly as we could!

The last Ouija type experience I’ve had was when I was in my early 20’s. A large group of us started a session in the usual fashion, but part-way through the temperature dropped noticeably and quite suddenly – several people commented on it. Having seen one too many horror films, I wasn’t sure what sort of spirit was coming through, so I stopped, and have never attempted this since.

However, since then, I have had occasions when things that I have wanted to happen have happened; and I’ve known what people are going to say before they say it, even if they are strangers. Coincidence? Well, maybe……..


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