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Personal Account : Camera Shy

“She didn’t reply or even look at him….”


My father was a quiet man, an artistic soul. He wasn’t religious nor did ever talk of spiritual beliefs. He was a very good amateur photographer who delighted in developing his photos himself and was at his happiest when he was out with his camera taking photographs of his world.


On one such occasion he entered an old country church. He was stunned by its beauty and hoped to capture its essence on camera.

The church was empty save for a lady seated on one of the pews so he waited patiently for her to leave. After some time had passed she showed no signs of moving. She wasn’t praying but simply sitting upright and looking ahead of her. Tentatively my father approached her and asked if she’d mind him taking a photograph. She didn’t reply or even look at him.

Embarrassed, my father retreated and decided to take the photograph from a distance behind her rather than the aspect he had originally planned. Satisfied with his efforts, he quietly left the church. The lady in question never moved a muscle.


Looking forward to seeing if his photographs were as good as he’d hoped they would be, he set about developing them when he got home.

The photos were beautiful but the pews were all empty. The lady did not appear in any of them………



Chris                                                                                       June 2017

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