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Personal Account : Mummy’s Pharaoh

“he was woken by a crashing sound”

When my Gran died Dad went to stay at Grandad’s to help out before the funeral. It was a long drive and Dad was very tired when he went to bed; he put the light out and settled down to sleep. However he just couldn’t settle, so he put the light on and looked around the bedroom. He felt it was something to do with his Mum.

He couldn’t see anything amiss, but then his attention was drawn to a wooden, possibly rosewood, shield standing in the fire place. It was heavy, about one inch thick and around two feet tall, wide across the top coming to a point at the base. It also had a wooden prop attached to the back making it freestanding (as on a photograph frame). The front was decorated with the head and shoulders of an Egyptian pharaoh. Deciding that this was the cause of his disquiet he got out of bed and placed it sideways into the gap between the wardrobe and the fireplace.

Dad went to sleep, but some time later he was woken by a crashing sound and putting the light on he once again looked around the room. He couldn’t see any cause for such a loud noise, but glancing down next to his bed he saw the Egyptian shield. The trouble was it had previously been on the other side of the room tucked down the side of the wardrobe about seven feet away. The room was thickly carpeted and the shield the wrong shape for rolling.

The next day Dad asked Grandad if anyone had visited Gran at the funeral parlour and finding they hadn’t, he went to visit, feeling that a point had been made!

The next time Mum and Dad arrived to visit Grandad he was out, so they let themselves in.  After a moment or two an intense scent filled the hallway and alongside it both Mum and Dad felt a very warm welcoming feeling; it was the scent that my late Grandmother used. Dad says it was just as if someone had opened a scent bottle.

Neither Mum nor Dad said anything to each other at the time, only finding out later that each had had the same experience.



Louise                                                           May 2017



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