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Personal Account : A Comforting Presence

“I am left exceptionally relaxed, peaceful and contented”

My first experience of ‘spirit communication’ was many years ago, was most certainly unexpected, and was most certainly not initiated by me in any way.

I’m not saying that I didn’t believe in an ‘after life’, spiritual phenomena and guides, but communication with God, Good, or deceased-from-this-world loved ones had only been through my occasional spoken or meditated words of prayer or perhaps in the case of loved ones, just continuing to tell them things as I would in their physical existence.

I certainly consider myself to be a Christian, but more in the way I try to live my daily life than by regular Church attendance or scheduled prayer. Similarly, ‘spiritual communication’ was not something I had studied in any way, and indeed not discussed with anyone. Aside from the traditional Christian beliefs, the only words that had been spoken to me which had uniquely influenced and had a special effect on my thinking were by a Parish Vicar who had conducted the funeral of a much loved lady in my life. He was well acquainted with both her and I personally, and was as extremely saddened by her tragic death as myself and many other people. For me, and for my narrative, I’ll leave it that her name was “Bubbly” and I loved her dearly.

The words that the Vicar had spoken to me were very simple:

He explained that Bubbly’s departure from this world was as a chrysalis, already having been through other stages of metamorphosis, becomes a butterfly, and still exists, but is unrecognisable from the chrysalis it had been.

“But what happens when the butterfly ‘dies’?” I considered later, and, linked with my existing Christian belief in an ‘after life’ I was convinced that it was simply that the butterfly’s spirit moved on to another form of ‘life’ which I was satisfied to tell myself, was one I didn’t or couldn’t understand or identify. Perhaps that’s how God intended it – perhaps some things are meant to be beyond our comprehension in this stage of our existence.

So, when I experienced that first ‘communication’ it was not something, as I said, I had initiated, nor something I had read about or heard about from others as a kind of ‘communication’ that could happen for me.

It happened one evening when I was staying at a hotel in London while on a business trip; such an evening has been common to most of my life so there was nothing unusual about that whatsoever. It had been a satisfactory day of meetings (again nothing unusual or special), I had enjoyed dinner and been for a walk along one of my favourite places in the world – the London Victoria Embankment, and, relaxed, but not particularly tired, began to prepare for bed.


Then suddenly I felt my whole body was being cocooned in a warm and embracing blanket of love and comforting presence. Sorry, but that’s the only way I can describe it; I’ve read these words back and considered alternative vocabulary but that’s the best I can do. Strangely, but perhaps not, I don’t know that it was actually me who chose the words I have used. Before writing this whole narrative I told Louise that I wanted to wait for the right time and this morning that time was right. Again, as with my first experience, it was neither planned nor expected as the time, but something or someone was guiding me to write….so I did. I’m at my office with a morning’s work and a meeting planned but my being and actions were directed, and I felt that within that now fairly familiar cocoon writing this is all that matters.

I say ‘fairly familiar’, but it’s not regular, never initiated by me, it’s always in different circumstances, and not always, as this morning, really convenient to my day’s schedule. But that doesn’t matter; it is too treasured an experience to resist, and I’m not sure that I could anyway.

While in the embrace, it’s always a little different, but for the first experience and others since, I’ve freely and orally whispered to whomever has initiated it, telling them things about my thoughts, recent deeds of both myself and my current loved ones, and recalling memories of times spent with passed-on loved ones. I feel I am being comforted by them and I am giving them some kind of comfort at the same time. No, they don’t convey that to me by spoken words – just through the embrace, which as with the passing of the butterfly God has not given me the intellect to understand…….just enough to sometimes know that it is happening. Sometimes I am also certain that I am directed without realising it is happening.

Again as always, the embrace quite suddenly, but slowly, dissipates and I’m ‘left’ till the next time; well I say ‘left’ but I don’t believe I am actually ‘left’ – just perhaps my awareness of the presence.

I now realise that I’ve been in the embrace for approaching an hour; I certainly wasn’t aware of the passing of that time; that always happens too.

Not that I was in any way stressed before the embrace, and everything was going along nicely, but now ended for the time being, I am left exceptionally relaxed, peaceful and contented. Thank you. Steve


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