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The Light Within

“It can be a long road, the route to within, but it is always rewarding.”

The Quakers are a most welcoming religion, they welcome all, regardless of belief ~ they welcome them to the Spirit of the Light Within.

We all have the Divine spark within, this is what makes us ‘tick’; this is what animates the body. Nothing moves without that Divine spark within.

It is up to us whether we explore it further, but you will find it rewarding if you do. What happens is that the Divine comes nearer to the surface of your life and begins to help smooth the way forward. Decisions are made more easily and in a direction that is more helpful. We are all on a spiritual path, whether we know it or not, but this helps make the path a little clearer.

Many are frightened of the term ’religion’, but what we are talking about is not connected to religion, indeed the ‘connection’ is a real one, to the Creator who is found within. This living spirit is there to be discovered by each one of us, it is a route to peace in our lives.

When we sit quietly and allow our thoughts to be still, we come closer to feeling the real Spirit, the point and purpose of our lives. It takes practice and patience. The speed of modern life has sped up our thoughts even more, to the point where they clatter and clamour for attention. No matter. Sitting quietly and centering will eventually result in their silence to a point where you can start to focus within. No matter that it is difficult, because you will feel the benefits from the process alone. It can be a long road, the route to within, but it is always rewarding.

Blessings from those who only wish to help.

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