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Life’s Plan

“the only way to surely feel the flow is to dive into the centre of our being”

There is a plan for all of us whether we are aware of it or not. It is a beautiful plan, perfect for us, but we may not always see the perfection as we are unable to see a total view, all the ramifications, and details.

The only way that we can be sure to follow the plan is to put God the Creator at the heart of our days. It does not matter whether you understand the word God or just perhaps feel the central Intelligence that runs our Universe. We need to dive into its flow and the only way to surely feel the flow is to dive into the centre of our being. It is easier for some than others to get to the centre. Those who are highly strung and have thought processes that whizz along at great speed will likely struggle to slow down and access the mysteries within. There is a great prize there that can transform life from the bleakest to the most positive. It may take time, but if the only goal you had in life was to touch the centre of your being, your outward life would be transformed into a joy and magnificence you can only dream of.

Touch the centre, meditate. Meditate little and often to help condition the mind into a quietness that will allow you to travel through it and beyond to the mysteries and joy that are awaiting within. God is at the centre and as you break through and touch Him, he will flow out into your life with the joy of Unconditional Love that will touch all of those that you touch. What could be more wondrous than this?


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