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You are the only person who can be there for yourself 24/7, allow yourself that gift!

Answer how you will, it all comes back to meditation which is the journey to the centre of self wherein lies the heart of the matter ~ God; the supreme consciousness that created this earth for us all to enjoy. We were never meant to feel all the trouble and strife that we do and there is a way out. If each and every one of us were to journey to the centre of ourselves, we would find each other as we are all connected by one supreme consciousness, God. It doesn’t matter which words you care to use when referring to this central Intelligence that connects us all. We have our own thoughts, personalities and connections, but behind this is the Intelligence that has given us life. The animating force that refuses to be defined, but gives life to everything. That indefinable thing that causes the plants to grow and the sun to shine. Without this we would be dead matter. When we are able to bring this life-force to the front o`f our lives we find the path easier as we are no longer making human based decisions that are driven by fear, greed, worry over loss ~ instead our decisions recognise that everyone is our brother or sister so an atmosphere of openness and sharing pervade. For those who have this attitude in their lives they are carried forward on a smoother path. They do not lose by having the openness and generosity to consider everyone part of their family.

If you read our other writings you will see that at the heart of our advice for living is the urge for you to solve your problems via meditation. This is because the answers will be right for you, indeed, perfect. You cannot find the answers from others. Indeed you will know this from experience that a friend will proffer perfectly sensible advice, but you will be thinking “Yes, but what about…?” No one can know you as well as you do and the central Consciousness that created all.

Patience may be needed to perfect the practise, but done faithfully it will yield results. These are often subtle, it may be a thought or a feeling, but equally a book or magazine may get your attention or someone may make a comment and you feel “of course, that’s it!” The main thing is to go into meditation, ask your question and then let it go. Give yourself the space to receive an answer, try not to let your mind continue to worry about the problem as you may miss the answer.

Living on earth is no easy thing without the support from within. Meditation gives the possibility of transforming your life into one that is constantly supported. You are the only person who can be there for yourself 24/7, allow yourself that gift!



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