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Welcome to the Spirit-download website; channelled writing for everyday living.

It is a demonstration of one of the ways I am pursuing spiritual growth. My acceptance that our universe has intelligence behind it and that there is life after death has brought to mind the question of how we live well. By this I mean living well in terms of our relationships with others and the environment in which we live.

Prayer, meditation, awareness, reading and a willingness to learn are some of the ways that I use to try and reach a higher understanding of our purpose on this earth and how we relate to all that are in it. In the last ten years I have also used channelled writings to help answer my questions and this website shows writings given by my Guides to share with you.

For me mediumship, healing and creativity taps into the Universal Energy that I believe is the essence of our world, and that essence is best described as Unconditional Love. I believe that one day our scientific community will be able to demonstrate exactly how it works, but we’re not there yet. It did take a long time to discover electricity, but they got there in the end so I’m hopeful about this too!

Hot debates rage as to whether it really is possible to contact those who have passed on, whether healing energy exists or is just a placebo. I can only go on how I feel when channelling this energy and by observing people of integrity that I know. For me, it is real and has helped me move forward in my understanding.

The religious community are warned off contact with The Other Side (as I think of them) and in the past I would have agreed. However, anything I do is always preceded by prayer to the highest good there is. I was brought up with Christian values, so I include Jesus in these prayers as I want to ensure that any message or healing that comes through me is of the highest vibration I can channel. I imagine that channellers of other faiths may include other religious figures to ensure the same quality of words.

I have never received anything other than warm loving words from my Guides and they never tell me what to do. It is more like having a chat with a dear friend who will be honest if they have a different point of view to offer. (They frequently do!)

As I started to tell friends about what I do and this website, they in turn started to tell me about some of the unusual things that had happened to them. I found these events so interesting I decided to pass them on so you could enjoy them too; do have a look in ‘More than the Material’.

I hope you find something of interest in the website and if you wish to join the mailing list to receive the latest writing, please let me know via the Contact page.

My Guides usually end their messages with the following word, and I will too.



Louise Davidge   May 2017


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