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The Writing Process

The Writing Process

Before I go into the way that a writing comes about I’d like to emphasise that the website is about the words that flow, not about me; I am just the conduit or channel.

Like life, development as a medium changes over the years so the writing process that I used in the beginning has evolved into today’s practise. I’ve always treated mediumship with the utmost respect and this was drummed into us at the development class. It is a privilege to be able to have contact with those who have departed and a responsibility to do it as well as we can.

I’ve been on the Spiritual path for a long time now (as are we all, even if we’re not aware of it), and was on this path well before I joined the mediumship development circle. Over the years I have come to see my mediumship as an aid to spiritual development rather than just as a support to others. I’ve always loved the philosophical aspect of it.

I came across channelled writing ten years ago when doing homework for a mediumship development class. I was surprised how easily it came to me, but it was probably as I was relaxed at home and without the audience of a class! It has been part of my life since then. I do not tell the future! In fact, do not tell anything, it is the connection to my guides and the Universal Energy that brings forward the words that I write.

Above all I want the most important thing about this website to be the words of the writings, and for those who are interested in the process, this is what happens:

Okay, to the mechanics of writing. I’m sure others have their own way of doing this, but I have continued with the way I was first taught by Tracy Higgs (a.k.a. T.J.Higgs). Tracy, I will be forever grateful to you, thank you. Anything I do in this area is always preceded by prayer to the highest good there is and for any message to be for the highest good of everyone involved (I include the guides in this). I ask the question or explain what it is on my mind. I know full well that I don’t really need to ask, but it just seems a polite way to begin the conversation! Sometimes I just connect without anything in particular on my mind and ask the guides to talk to me. For this website I just have a feeling when it’s time to write. I then connect to the guides, which as I’ve been doing this for a long time is quick; I suspect I’m probably already there when I start to think about doing a writing. I still follow the process below, but don’t ask a question first, leaving it to the guides to choose the subject matter.

I then pick up the nearest book to me, or one I feel drawn to, and open it at random. I write down the first word or words that I see and then keep writing. It’s a bit like taking dictation; I retain my own thought process, but write the words that appear in my mind. I don’t hear anything either internally or externally (although both of these things have happened on rare occasions, but not in connection with writing); I just write each word as it is given to me. It’s no good trying to anticipate what is going to be said. I may have an opinion on a subject, or because I’ve had this connection for a long time may think I know what the guides would say, but I’m frequently surprised by their views which often differ from my own!

Most of the time the words taken from the book are perfectly in line with the question I’ve asked, but not always, and it doesn’t seem to matter. Sometimes it takes a sentence or two for the message to settle in, and many times it feels like the deepest words appear later in the message, but not always. The messages have always been warm and loving and I’ve never received anything that has offended me or been morally wrong. Neither have the messages told me I must do something, been rude or derogatory. The tone has always been that of someone with a good worldly view who has only everyone’s best interests at heart.

In all the years of writing I have only received one message that struck me as ‘off’. This was many years ago and the message didn’t have its usual ‘feel’; the tone of it wasn’t right and it certainly didn’t feel like my guides. Probably a bit like receiving an email from a hacker, you just know your friend hasn’t written it; so I discontinued that particular writing. I feel that surrounding the channelling with prayer and thanks helps to keep the connection as pure as I am able to get it. My hope is that the connection will become ever stronger so that the messages will contain the deepest wisdom.

Does this all need to be written down; couldn’t I just do this in my head? I could indeed do this without writing it down, but I find this particular method very easy so I have stuck with it, and it also has the advantage of producing something in writing that I can and do refer to later. The words in the book are just a hook to get started, but I can get to the same place if I just start speaking; I then channel the words directly. There are many forms of mediumship and each medium will have their favourite method.

Who are my guides? I have one main guide, Authelia, who is my main guide for this life and has accompanied me since birth. You have one too even if you’ve never been formally introduced! When I first started doing channelled writing it was always Authelia that I was speaking with, but over the years I have become aware of a team with her. Sometimes I can feel her cut in, but usually I just know she’s present, but is not taking the lead. I used to be intensely interested in who the team members were, but I feel they change, perhaps according to the subject matter or how I am, so now I don’t worry. If it feels right then it’s fine by me. Interestingly I discovered recently that if I’m writing for someone else then one of their guides temporarily joins my ‘team’.

Much has been written about guides and how to connect and I would say that if you can make that connection your life will only be enhanced. If you feel the pull, I suggest finding a reputable medium to teach you, say your prayers and open up the dialogue!


Louise                                                                                    June 2017




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